Tat Lee Company was founded in 1989 and professionally engaged in selling hydraulic products.Our main business is
selling the hydraulic products and machines of many countries(area) and act as agent.

The hydraulic products is widly used in many kinds of machining fileds. Its quality can make the difference in the
mechanical property of machines. How can we always keep our machines in the best state? The Designer of hydraulic products plays
an important role. With the hydraulic products,what kind of materials and what kind of brand will have a serious
impact on the future work of the machines. So Tat Lee Company will provides you with the products high quality.

Our products include gear pump,vane pump,piston pump...pressure control valve,flow metering valve,position selector
valve,hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor,power unit,oil piping block,seals,seamless pipe,hard chrome
rod,hydraulic pipe,tie-in and all kinds of hydraulic accessories.

We sell these products:

A). Hydraulic products

1.US MONARCH direct current hydraulic power unit,used to the hydraulic power device on auto.
2.Taiwan HYSTAR hydraulic products,include hydraulic pump,position selector valve,pressure valve and fittings.
3.US UniMeasure linear sensor, used to measuring precise linear distance.
4.Italy Lu=En hydraulic cartridge inserted valve,used to the tiny valve block.
5.Taiwan SuperJack electromotion rod,used to electromotion chair and other electromotion flexible system.
6.Thailand HOF hydraulic products,include hydraulic pump,directional valve,pressure control valve and fittings.
7.Italy Metalrota electromotion driving wheel,used to electromotion running mechanism.
8.US GUARDIAN shaft joint,used to the connect between electric motor and pump.
9.Italy SALAMI high pressure gear pump,used to all kinds of hydraulic system.
10.Italy HMT high pressure piston pump,used to all kinds of mobile machine.
11.US HYDARFORCE cartridge inserted valve series,include pressure control valve,flow metering valve,directional valve.
12.Taiwan HONOR hydraulic gear pump,used to industrial machine and mobile machine.
13.Japan NIHON SPEED hydraulic gear pump,used to all kinds of hydraulic machine.
14.DC MOTORS,used to all kinds of hydraulic mini power unit.
15.Japan KYB driving unit of concerete mixer vehicle.
16.Taiwan electromotion door on-off control system,remote control and easy to use.
17.Taiwan hydraulic/pneumatic seamless pipe and hard chrome rod,used to manufacture the cylinders.
18.US Heculars seals,UK PIMSEAL O ring,US TETRAFLUOR teflon seals,high temperature resistant,high pressure resistant,fireresistant and wearable,used to all kinds of hydraulic seals and gasket.

B).Designing & Service

We can design hydraulic circuit ,manufacuture valve circuit,hydraulic power unit and fluid cylinder.
In China region,we can supply 400-1200 tons heavy crane engine . We also sale new HITACHI grab and inward used grab in Sichuan Province.

C).Hydraulic Equipments

Truck tailgate,wheelchair lift,powered fork-lifts,mobile platform,forklift,aluminium alloy platform,aluminium alloy scaffold,concerete mixer vehicle,tow truck,hydraulic packing machine,hydraulic press,hoses crimping machine etc.

Please give us a call ,fax or email if you are interest in our products or service.We are pleasure to provide the information to you for consideration.If it's necessary,we also will send someone to your company to visit you.